A unique experience that will completely rejuvenate the skin and rebalance the body. We begin face down with some relaxing breathing techniques. In this state of relaxation, a back cleanse and exfoliation precedes the drizzling of warm Lavender massage oil up and down the spine with energizing massage strokes. Gently turning over we continue with a luxurious facial.

During the rehydrating facial, warm Lavender infused oil is massaged into the scalp. We continue the flow with a luxurious pressure point scalp massage. You will feel your energy reawakening.

75 MINUTES / $165


Desinged for deep hydration and pluming of the skin.  Engorged with precious and rare ingrediants in addition to unprecedented amount of collagen, this treatment "plunges" the skin into an immediate sensation of freshness and well being.  Boosts cell revitalization and moisturization while promoting skin radiance.

For all skin types, including sensitive.

75 MINUTES / $160


The Age Summum Treatment includes 4 phases and is uniquely designed to target signs of ageing, with the use of pure Vitamin C and powerful pro-Collagen which helps to restore the skin. The exclusive anti-ageing massage helps the ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin leaving you with a youthful, firmer and radiant glow.

60 MINUTES / $145


Discover the Guinot firming lift treatment This treatment is suited for each area of concern to smooths the skin of the face, reshapes the face contour and firms the décolleté. Composed of 4 essential steps, the Lift Summum Treatment uses a unique combination of manual lifting maneuvers, for proven, immediate and long-lasting results: firmed, smoothed and re-plumped. The exclusive anti-ageing massage helps the ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin leaving you with a youthful, firmer and radiant glow.

60 MINUTES / $145


This new and exclusive Guinot treatment brings the power of peeling with new acids to brighten and smooth skin. A regenerating massage and cooling restorative mask complete this treatment perfect for anyone wanting progressive peeling, an immediate glow, or looking to diminish brown spots/pigment. Most effective in a series (once per week for 3 treatments)

60 MINUTES / $130


Recognized internationally as one of the most technologically advanced skin care treatments. One of our signature treatments that restores your skin by providing optimal hydration and oxygenation.

This facial is deeply penetrating and aims to correct skin problems from the inside out. Experience renewed radiance, and smoothed features and your skin concerns addressed directly.

Recommended for all ages and skin types. Not suitable for pregnant women, clients with heart problems, metal implants (plates or pins), or certain skin problems including rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

60 MINUTES / $130


This targeted cleansing and matifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves the skin visibly healthier, fresher and clearer. The results, limits skin flaws, unblocks clogged pores, regulates excess sebum and gives a clearer complexion.

60 MINUTES / $125


Give your skin a breath of fresh air. With a results driven blend of botanical compounds and medic-grade ingredients, this treatment will double the levels of oxygen in your skin, which is essential for a youthful, glowing complexion. Experience a double exfoliation, oxygenating massage and customized mask and bring your skin back to life.

50 MINUTES / $120


Reawaken your skin with a deep cleansing facial designed specifically for your needs while also enjoying a hand exfoliation and arm massage. These two treatments will leave your skin looking refreshed and polished.

Recommended for all skin types.

60 MINUTES / $115


This unique treatment is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin. Truly gentle and comforting, this treatment acts to smooth the complexion with the localized application of a fresh, melting bi-gel and a rich, creamy mask which, after several minutes on the face, is softly massaged in to make the moment even more enjoyable. Tranquil Infusion sooths the complexion with specifically designed movements and products to give a total comforting experience.

60 MINUTES / $105


Restores clarity and radiance. Ideal for the first time spa-goer or a new guest who simply wants a taste of the goodness we have to offer.

50 MINUTES / $90

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