Hair Removal


Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ is the modernization of a method of hair removal that has been practiced for centuries. The product and method has been refined to make them suitable for spa use and to ensure superior end results.

The Sugar Paste hair removal product, based on old Middle Eastern recipes, contains sugar, lemon juice, and some herbs. It is 100% natural, with no chemical additives whatsoever, unlike commercial waxes that contain chemical additives that can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions with sensitive clients.

Arm - Under            $23
Arm - Half               $33
Arm - Full                $45
Bikini - Regular       $33
Bikini - Extended     $40
 Bikini - Brazilian     $55
 Bikini - LA              $60
 Chin                       $15
 Cheeks + Sides     $18
 Eyebrows              $20
 Feet/Toes              $15
 Full Face               $45
 Leg - Half              $42
 Leg - Full              $68
 Full Leg w/Regular Bikini     $93
 Upper Lip             $15
 Tummy                 $20


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